Vindi Monument

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Founded in 1993 to re-unite former "Vindi Boys" and Sea School staff and act as a central repository for any photos and memoirs about the the T.S. Vindicatrix.

Although the training period was a maximum of twelve weeks, it had the effect of setting us on a course for life, and this fact is now very much appreciated.

If you were a "Vindi Boy" at any time during the school's existence, this is your association and we invite you to 'sign on'.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the T.S.V.A

I wish all Vindiboys and their families

a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous
New Year

Jim Somerville. Chairman

Can I remind all Branches that information I show on their behalf can be only as good as that is given to me by them.
If it needs updating, tell me.

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