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Founded in 1993 to re-unite former "Vindi Boys" and Sea School staff and act as a central repository for any photos and memoirs about the the T.S. Vindicatrix.

Although the training period was a maximum of twelve weeks, it had the effect of setting us on a course for life, and this fact is now very much appreciated.

If you were a "Vindi Boy" at any time during the school's existence, this is your association and we invite you to 'sign on'.

Vindi News Nov. '15 Front page

A message from your Website Bosun

I'm pleased to report that I'm back on watch and am busily working through the backlog of jobs I picked up at the Reunion for those wanting copies of their MN Reords.
If there is anyone who hasn't yet looked for theirs, please contact me with your Discharge Book No if you can remember it, or with your name and d.o.b. and I'll see if I can find them for you.

Can I remind all Branches that information I show on their behalf can be only as good as that is given to me by them.
If it needs updating, tell me.

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TSVA Reunion 2016

This Reunion at Sharpness will be on the weekend of 5th.6th,and 7th and August.

If you have never been able to attend one of the TSVA Reunions, click on THIS LINK to view the Docker's Club own website


A tribute by Capt. Joe Earl
(an `Indefatigable` Boy)
Have you heard of Mrs Drysdale? - no reason why you should,
Unless you were a Vindi Boy recalling pretty good,
She’s the smartly painted figurehead from your training ship,
Which started life in `93 down a launching slip.
Many thousand old boys have memories of her,
Men from Vindicatrix I’m sure will all concur,
Training there was tough, discipline a blast,
But the making of a seaman from boy to man at last.
They came, perhaps, from cities, a village or the plough,
And grew aboard the Vindi - with Drysdale on the bow,
Learning by the hard times, the hunger and the strife,
The hale and hearty culture and friends made there for life.
The lads were taught seafaring ways, `afore they went abroad,
Instilled in them the values, that helped them stand assured,
Eventually they sailed away, each with doughty crew,
Plying trade around the world where the `duster` flew.
They joined the ranks of steadfast men, who kept our commerce flowing,
Withstanding foe and stormy seas when the winds were blowing,
All for one and shipmates - when the devil knocks,
Stemming from their early days hard by Sharpness docks.
A kindred spirit bonds them, by sailing `neath the stars,
The sea their life and laughter when living under spars,
Boldly then, they stood the worst, in peace, or war convoys,
Nothing less would one expect - from Vindicatrix boys.

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