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Merchant Seamen's Records at the National Archive, Kew

  Many who read this site, will be aware that I often obtain copies of MN Service Records from the National Archive, in particular from sections BT372, where all the loose forms and documents concerning their time at sea, are kept, and also in section BT382, where there are duplicate entries from their Discharge Books, listing all the ships and details of the trips they sailed on them.

  You aren't allowed to handle BT372 and BT382 files, but copies will be made and given to you FOC, providning you give them exact details of the file No concerned, They will no do research for you, without change. Copies can also be order from them by post, for a fee, but I haven't used this service for many years now, so I can't offer a comment on how useful it is Kew tell me that the file in which they 'can't find' a record, the £10 will be returned to me on completing of the order. It isn't 'impossible' to get your records from Kew, but the new rules have made it extremely difficult and far more expensive

  If anyone visits Kew, and puts in a request to see their records, they are obliged to show you what is in your file, but only after they have followed the same scanning procedure. As the copies are of no further use to them, they will give them to you F.O.C. but there will be a delay in them producing the copies to show you, but don't ask for too many as they might ask you to return at a later date, to view them.

  If anyone is seeking any help in finding their records and would like to draw on my experience of obtaining several hundred such Records, please don't hesitate to contact me on via THIS LINK   If you can't remember your Discharge Book No. please include a full name and d.o.b.

  You can start your own search by clicking on THIS LINK. 

There are also a couple of pages on our old websitesite which you might find of use. The first is to further pages of interest for MN-related files via THIS LINK

The second is to the MEDALS AND MEMORIALS page.

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